Noise pollution

What is it with people who have to hear the honk of their car horn as affirmation that they’ve locked their door? (and why are you locking your car when you are going into a store for all of 10 minutes? “paranoia will destroya

People, turn your horn off. You may think your car horn sounds pretty but the rest of the world does not.

The horn is for emergency/safety purposes.

It is most definitely not to be used when you roll up to a house at 7 in the morning, and instead of getting out of your car to knock on the door, you blare your horn.

AP violations.

You, too can be a full fledged member of The Aesthetic Police. There are no membership dues or meetings to attend. All you’ve got to do is communicate your thoughts to the rude and uncivilized when you come across them. Liberate your self and enjoy the results to follow.


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