Friends: Ray Duffey



Horse & Buggy Press started off as a two person operation in 1996. Ray Duffey was another NC State design schooler—talented, idealistic, adventurous, and highly opinionated; a great combination of traits—and Ray created the original and still used H&B logomark. Ray and I both worked at Antfarm for more than a few years, back when rent was $100 each (and that included utilities) and Sadlack’s still had a wooden porch railing.

The mid and late 90s saw a plethora of letterpress gig posters on telephone poles around Raleigh for 6 String Drag, Tonebenders, and Countdown Quartet shows that Ray produced (and then sat at the drum kit). I’m not positive it is still there but if you look behind the bar at Player’s Retreat they should still have a “cigarettes sold behind the bar” sign that Ray letterpress printed onto some peach basket woodslats he fashioned together. Payment? A pork chop samwich and a beer. 

monoprintRay does still occasionally create beautiful woodcuts, monoprints, and collagraphs, but most of his working energies the last few years have been going into three dimensional woodworking projects, including a recent foray into sculpture. Currently, Ray is about halfway through as the first artist-in-residence at the Maine College of Art in Portland, and he is applying to the MFA studio art program at Herron School of Art and Design in Indianapolis.


You can get a glimpse at Ray’s work at his Flickr site










what the critics (Melanie on Facebook) say…

“a combination of meticulous, tender craftsmanship and unfettered, off-the-map dreams.”


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  1. if Salvador Dalí made blimps…

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