America, part two










News story of yet another Walmart, this one… in Virginia

Yeah, Walmart plans to plop down its cinder block and asphalt blight right next to a Civil War battlefield. The Wilderness. 

Now, there have been years and years of ridiculous Wal-mart behavior and a rap sheet a mile long of reasons why not to shop at Wal-mart.

Yet these stores continue to pop up ALL OVER this land. This land that is your land, this land that is our land. And in this case, land that has a bit of historical significance. 

If you’re shopping at Walmart—ever—you’re simply part of the problem. Many problems. Wake up, please.


One Response to “America, part two”

  1. i am proud to say that despite the fact that i live in a walmart town, i have managed to make do without it so far. (in a walmart town, that can be hard to do!). it’s only been a few months, but i am counting.

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