Corner of Main & Forgotten

What’s wrong with this picture?






As Morris Day likes to say….

” W H A T   T I M E   I S   I T  ? ! ? “

In downtown Durham apparently it is 6:51. For good.

Come on y’all, do the bird.

If a building has a clock, shouldn’t that clock work?

Really what does it say about your downtown when you roll up to a major Five Points intersection and you see a broken clock and…

well luckily this is Downtown Durham. so if you just turn your head a bit, walk a few steps, you can find another clock…
…that doesn’t work either.

Guess who owns the Five Points building? The city.

There used to be a good African restaurant here called Safari. (a good lunch for 6 bucks that filled you up was entirely possible). They “left” 2 years ago I think, and the city has neither brought the building up to code (I believe, but am not sure, the city inspectors forced Safari out, the same city that wouldn’t fix the building up) or found a new tenant for the corner space. (anyone have updates or more precise info?)

They did however do some spruce up work to the windows recently.

I believe everyone already knows Durham has a baseball team. What good does throwing up some pixellated images of a ballgame do? That is not helping matters.

Fix the building, or find a tenant and give them an upfit budget, or sell the building to someone who will. The “Find your cool” booster posters are an eyesore and insult. Now that they have been up for a few months they are stale too. Lame.


Thankfully some of the other spaces in this building DO have tenants. Friendly folks at the both of them. I’ve got a pair of pants at the tailors now, and the convenience store comes in handy on the afternoon walk. You can get a 24 oz. of Sierra Nevada for $2.99 too if you feel the need. That’ll work.



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