Friends: Kevin Peterson





“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”


Kevin Peterson and I got to know each other at the School of Design in the early 90s (back when you could get down under the campus to explore the steam tunnels and smoke. . . cigarettes . . . without anyone catching you). He’s been working at the Bronx Botanical Gardens for more than a few years now doing just about everything under the sun.

He gets to work outside, build exhibits, tend the gardens, and do other creative work that demands a variety of hands-on skills and quick thinking (Meaning, in today’s world, he gets paid Jack Squat while a few miles south Joe Stockbrocker is getting bailed out while out on his two martini lunch)

Recently Kevin built a pretty magical installation and you can read about the process here on the NYBG blog. Gingerbread Town

juice4Kevin is a wonderfully strange guy (that is a good thing) and incredibly talented (painting, metalwork, music). You might recognize this painting of his from the first BCAC foyer gallery exhibit we had back in spring 2006. More of his work can be found here at the Kevin Peterson website


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